Dedicated ISDN

Efficient and Reliable Internet Access for Small Business

Dedicated Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) service offers your business a full time connection to the Internet over an extremely wide service area. PTI's ISDN service is the connection of choice for those needing dedicated service and moderate bandwidth. It provides a better alternative to dial-up service and gives higher reliability than most DSL services.

With dedicated ISDN service, users on a LAN can simultaneously access the Internet through one shared LAN connection. There is no need to buy individual modems, lines and accounts for each user.

Service Options

ISDN is offered in two different speeds. A single channel circuit provides 64K and a dual channel offers 128K. The line is provided by your local telephone company and is offered in both versions. PTI Networks provides the Internet service and network router to bring all network users online.

In addition to first class Internet service PTI Networks can also provide internal network support to make this connection useful. This means you deal with one company for all your networking and Internet needs thus maximizing the efficiency of your service.