Point-to-Point T1/T3

High Performance and Reliability for your Business

Point-to-Point service provides you with the highest reliability available from any Internet or wide area product. Since the circuit is dedicated to you and not shared with other circuits you get the maximum uptime and security for mission critical applications.

In addition, Point-to-Point service is scalable from simple 256K Fractional T1 to full 45Mbps T3 bandwidth. This means you can purchase more bandwidth as your needs dictate while preserving your investment of installation and equipment.

Service Options

PTI Networks offers many options to satisfy the needs of your specific application. Speeds are available in Fractional T1 (256K, 384K, 512K, 768K), T1 (1.54M), Frac. T3 (10M) and T3 (45M). This service is available nation wide through our Verio partnered backbone and locally to St. Charles and St. Charles County businesses through our main POP.

Those within the local service area will have substantially reduced local loop charges due to the proximity to our main facility. PTI Networks also offers reduced rates for multi-tenant buildings and business parks.

In addition to first class Internet service PTI Networks can also provide internal network support to make your connection useful. This means you deal with one company for all your networking and Internet needs thus maximizing the efficiency of your service.