Wireless Internet Service

Optimal Value for Business and Office Buildings

In order to meet the growing needs of today's business Internet client, PTI Networks has created a wireless Internet service Network. This network offers a substantial cost savings over traditional wired services and gives the customer a greater range of scalability. In addition, connections can be shared with more than one tenant providing a greater savings.

Reliable Technology

With an ever increasing usage of microwave frequencies the airwaves are becoming crowded, making interference a threat to reliability. PTI incorporates a dynamic frequency spectrum that constantly moves between channels every fraction of a second. This allows usage of only those channels that do not have interference thus preventing outages due to changing radio conditions.

Service Offerings

PTI Networks offers many options to satisfy your Internet needs. Speeds are available from 256K to 1.5Mbps T1 speed. Dedicated links provide up to 45Mbps T3 speed. For an even greater benefit PTI Networks can combine wireless technology with our campus and multi-tenant solutions for office buildings and dense service areas.

In addition to first class Internet service, PTI Networks can also provide internal network support to make your connection useful. This means you deal with one company for all your networking and Internet needs.